Our Solar Process

We make upgrading to Solar simple. 


1. Site Survey

We send one of our Site Survey technicians to take all the roof measurements and photos necessary to build the optimum Design for your needs.


2. Design

Our Engineering team uses the Site Survey data to build the optimum design for your home. Here, we handpick the equipment and configuration that will maximize your production per panel while complying with the many regulatory requirements specific to your area.


3. Permitting and Approval

We submit the Design to your local municipality and any other regulatory organizations to ensure your Solar System is up to code. We do what we have  to get the permits processes as soon as possible.

4. Installation

Once the Design is completed and approved by the necessary parties, we'll be giving you a call to schedule the install and confirm that the System Design is optimum for your needs. We only work with the best installation crews and NABCEP certified electricians to ensure the installation goes without a hitch.


5. Inspection

Once inspections have been passed, we work with your utility company to install a new net-meter and get your system connected to the grid. After that it's time to turn the system on and you're all set to watch the savings roll in.

6. Monitoring

Now that your system is installed and producing energy you will be able to monitor your solar panels health, production and efficiency easily from your desktop or mobile devices using our Solar Monitoring applications. Anytime. Anywhere.