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There's a lot that goes into designing the optimum solar system. From analyzing your power usage to aligning arrays for aesthetic legacy. We intend for these systems to produce for the long run, and that means picking the right equipment, and putting people first. No short-cuts. No 'quick-fixes'. We intend to do this right.


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I have had my Altaray Solar system installed for over a year now and I was so impressed with their service. I signed up with a nice young gentleman who represented Altaray in a very professional way. Never felt pressured or rushed in anyway and felt that they answered everyone of my concerns in a timely manner. I called into their office multiple times and talked with Jayden and Scott and they were a huge help during my project. I would highly recommend Altaray and the service they offer for anyone considering solar.
— Leslee
Both of my neighbors had installed solar so we started looking into it and one of my neighbors recommended the company they used Altaray. So we called in and they were able to come to my house the same day and do a site assessment. My solar system was installed within a month and I haven’t had a utility bill this year. I’ve since recommended both my daughter and son to use Altaray for their solar installation.
— Tom, Jenna, Josh



We only work with the best materials available. There is no  compromising quality for time. People come first here.

About Us

No Compromise

Altaray is a people first company. We treat our employees the same as our customers by putting the human first. We have built a business off of genuine relationships and great customer service.

Headquartered in Utah, we service over 10 states throughout the United States. We are partnered with  7 hand-picked financing companies in the Solar industry so we can provide our customers with a product that makes sense for them.

Despite our attention to detail, companies and customers have been shocked with how our solar process is both consistent and among the fastest from Survey to Install in the business.