- Vern Dillenbeck

- Vern Dillenbeck

“After meeting with a few different companies, I met with Altaray and really liked the fact that they were willing to work with me in

going solar. I felt that the fellows that came out to do the installation were very professional and knowledgeable.

With solar, I feel like I’m a participating citizen within the community by lowering the demand for grid power, especially in a time when

the need for power has been higher than it ever has been. I feel good helping to reduce that need for grid power.

Electricity costs continue to go up and I felt that going solar would help me take back control of my energy costs. Owning my new solar

system helps me feel more like I’m able to be self-sufficient and have better control over power usage. The thing I was most happy

about was just to see what happened to my power bill.”



I have had my Altaray Solar system installed for over a year now and I was so impressed with their service. I signed up with a nice young gentleman who represented Altaray in a very professional way. Never felt pressured or rushed in anyway and felt that they answered everyone of my concerns in a timely manner. I called into their office multiple times and talked with Jayden and Scott and they were a huge help during my project. I would highly recommend Altaray and the service they offer for anyone considering solar.
— Leslee
Both of my neighbors had installed solar so we started looking into it and one of my neighbors recommended the company they used Altaray. So we called in and they were able to come to my house the same day and do a site assessment. My solar system was installed within a month and I haven’t had a utility bill this year. I’ve since recommended both my daughter and son to use Altaray for their solar installation.
— Tom, Jenna, Josh


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